the basics

Theresa Kosztics is a multi-disciplined creative director, art director and graphic designer with more than 25 years experience in brand, print, website, UX, digital and interactive design. Living and working in Portland, Oregon.

getting to know you

Thriving on discovery, I create a project's design path through my experience, your passion, product and culture.

we are our stories

We all love a good story. I cultivate crucial concepts and visual stories that elevate your brand, product, ad campaign or website.


I can work seamlessly as a member of your marketing team. Or I can pull from my network to assemble a great team for your project. I can fly solo too, if the project doesn’t need a team.

let's get started

We can sit down (virtually or face-to-face) and talk about your brand, website, or any social media and print ad campaign wishlist. Whatever the graphic design desire, I can help. Call 503.232.7255 or fill out my contact form.